Jenny Berdos

Jenny Pantaleon Berdos. The writer. The wife. The reader.


About Me

The Writer

Snippet Writer
I write snippets for a company called
I basically just summarize lengthy or one-liner service descriptions into 130-character snippets.

Blog Writer
I don’t remember the exact number of blogs I made but I’m pretty sure it was only two. One was a review for Cetaphil and the other one was a review for Aromacology products and I wrote the latter one on or is it I’m really not sure if they’re the same or not. So, yeah, that’s me. The complete novice!

Article Writer
I used to write articles for a living. Now, I don’t have projects writing articles but I’m fine doing some if I get writing gigs on (it used to be but they changed it to

About Me

Yep!¬†That’s me! But I vow to change that!!!! Right here, right now!
I used to shop 5 different kinds of lip glosses in less than an hour. I always hate the feeling that when you wanted something and when you came back to purchase it, it’s gone? Or they ran out of stocks? Hate that! That’s why I became this shopaholic monster.

Style Getter
I love reading fashion magazines and I recreate some of the looks into my everyday outfits. I’m not a style setter¬†and I’m not creative that way. Well, I’m really not sure about that. Maybe, I am creative but I just need to exert more effort into something that I want before I could produce something amazing?

I read fashion magazines, Harry Potter and other YA novels such as Twilight and Divergent series. I also read the Shopaholic series. I think that those are so relatable or if there’s such word. I don’t think relatable is legit because it there’s a red line underneath it when I type it.

About Me

The Needs Improvement

Creative Side
Need to improve my creative side and I think I can do that by just creating something, anything. I can’t draw but I know I can improve by practicing. Allot time for practice. I should practice so I won’t such at things anymore.

I don’t have the eyes. I can’t tell the difference of a great photo from a greater photo. I’m not an artist. Maybe. Not yet. Or not at all. I don’t have the eyes yet but I should change that. Or I shouldn’t. I will write a blog about why I shouldn’t improve my photography skills.

About Me

The Wife

Happy Wife
I am a happy wife. My husband Paul Berdos is the one to be blamed about my happiness. I married the man of my dreams and the love of my life. I’ve been living the years that are unforgettable to me for nearly a decade. These years are with him.

Content Wife
Content but childless. My husband and I would love to have a child. We will have one someday. We have to work on it. Go to doctors and take supplements. I still am contented with my life because it’s all I have. My life. My life with my husband. I’m happy and I can’t complain. I may be childless but I’m still contented.